Friday, May 29, 2009

Thus Spake Thomas Bacon

One of the benefits of having our trumpet prof., Paul Morton, as head of the UL Concerts committee is always having a great brass group come to campus, and the masterclasses that usually come along with it.

2 1/2 years ago we had the St. Louis Brass come in, whose newly appointed hornist was the esteemed Thomas Bacon. My students Jim and Alex each had what amounted to a private lesson with Thom, with me observing. One of the big things we (and especially Alex) took away was the directive to "never let them hear your WATER!!!"

Well, I reminded Thom of that just now on Facebook, and his response appears above!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Raccoon Fiasco Ended in Tears . . .

Well, those of you who know me on Facebook heard about the raccoon family that moved into my master bath. Over the Memorial Day weekend, I no longer heard (or SMELLED) the mama, and hadn't heard the kits, so I thought, "Hallelujah, she moved them out!" Well, Monday night I heard one lone kit crying for her mama, but didn't think much of it, as I'd heard them calling her before. But Tuesday night rolled around, and still no mama back for this kit. I had to go in to work Wednesday morning, and as I was getting ready, I realized that the mewing was coming from not my light box above my vanity, but DOWN IN THE WALL. Uh-oh! I called John A., my bug guy, who raised raccoons back in the day, and has been advising me on all this.

We pulled the wall open, and got her out! But, she was too far gone, and didn't live.

Now I need to get the chimney siding replaced, the vents put back into my soffits, and have something like a WALL built between my soffit box and my bathroom lightbox, so this never, EVER, happens again!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Fiddle Photos

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Hunt Family Fiddlers

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Back in April, the Hunt Family Fiddlers came to Lafayette. This is a family of 8 who homeschool and teach violin (sort of) through the Suzuki method. Our studio got a masterclass with them, and enjoyed their show the following night.
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