Sunday, June 19, 2011

IHS 43: Rehearsals and PARKING

This morning we had brunch at an unusual restaurant not far from the SFSU campus, The Mayflower Restaurant:

A phone call from wonderful Tomoko Kanamaru told us it was time for Ewazen, before the other performers snapped her up :-) so we headed to the Creative Arts Building. We had an hour between our Ewazen rehearsal and Symposium Choir rehearsal, so Jon and I walked the campus, which is quite beautiful:

Then on to Symposium Choir rehearsal, where it was great to see friends and enjoy playing in a horn section with some of the finest players in our Society:

Next up was scouting out parking for the week. There is a garage at the end of State St. that is just $5 a day.

and while we're talking about getting to campus in the morning, we were told by a San Jose native to avoid 19th Street at all costs, unless you want to sit in traffic for upwards of an hour (!). We are planning on coming in via 280 and Merced and avoiding 19th entirely . . .

Our Memphis friends Ion (of Balu Mutes fame)and Kyle met us at Extreme Pizza for a quick bite, where Jon and Ion began plotting the Next Big Thing :-) you never know what's coming next from Balu Mutes, so stop by his table at the Symposium and find out!

The show starts tomorrow at noon, folks! See you there!


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