Wednesday, June 22, 2011

IHS 43: Tuesday

Tuesday's sessions included a masterclass by our host, Wendell Rider, on "Inner Beat Phrasing." The students who participated truly seemed to benefit from the ideas of mini-phrase and micro-phrase repetition.

Our internet access was granted today, so many of our wonderful vendors were busy getting caught up on credit card transactions

Lunchtime choirs included Oklahoma State, led by Lanette Compton, our hosts froma recent wonderful Mid-South Workshop

Dinner was at Joe's of Westlake, old school Italian with a large menu and excellent service. Chicken cacciatore with polenta was rich and satisfying.

The evening concert featured Gail Williams and her former student, Nicole Cash. Besides the fine horn playing in solo and chamber works, highlights of the performance included young Jonathan Ring accompanying Gail on drum set, and some mind-meld duo playing by Gail and Nicole on the Beethoven Sextet. Turning pages for the Clearfield "Songs of the Wolf," I wondered if the huge strength of Gail's high range was carrying to the hall in the same way it was screaming to the back. From my spot onstage, it sounded like she was driving a Ferrari at 120 mph, and was about to drop the hammer and leave us all in her dust!

One of my favorite things at IHS is the informal horn choir readings that happen after hours, and one of these sessions happened at The Tower to finish out the night.

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