Tuesday, June 21, 2011

IHS 43rd Symposium- Monday: The View From The Stage

Our Symposium opened with amazing playing by our fearless Society leader, Frank Lloyd, followed by a somber tribute to those we lost this year by the Symposium horn choir. Our concerto winner livened things up with her Strauss 1, and the excellent San Francisco Symphony horn section closed the show:

A quick lunch took us to the 3:30 concert, with Jon's and my Ewazen, A cool new piece presented by Denver IHS host Susan McCullogh, and some great trio playing by Nancy Joy, along with friends from my hometown on flute and piano! Louisiana represent!

Dinner tonight was near the Hampton Inn, at El Fin Nicaraguan/Mexican. Fish tacos were tasty, and Jon's fried pork looked great, with a side of plantains. Be careful with the pico de gallo they bring to the table, it is HOT!

While hanging out backstage waiting to turn pages for the evening concert (I duty I actually enjoy for the birds-eye view it gives me), I was approached by our AC representative from Japan, who wanted to thank the symposium-goers for all the emails of support in the aftermath of the Tsunami, and needed a word in English to describe his feelings. We came up with "heart-felt," and I was suddenly very glad I'd had to be backstage :-)

Turning pages for Patti Wolf as she played a wicked Czerny transcription was both an adrenaline rush and a jaw-dropper. There were places in the score where her fast hands blurred on the keys! Patti told me afterwards that Roger often recommends to his audience that, if they wish to program this piece, they had better marry the pianist! Great contrasts in this concert; the fireworks of Bill Vermulen's selections, and the beautiful aquatic flow of Roger Kaza's.

After my turning duties were completed for the night, word of a Barbies sighting lured me downtown. Missed those elusive Genghis Barbie girls, but enjoyed hearing a piano quartet at Revolution Cafe where the bartender repeatedly reminded the patrons that "this was a performance, not background music! Keep the talking down!" We tipped him well :-)

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